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"As an Occupational Therapist my mission is to empower families of children with challenges by enhancing their strengths, building their skills and creating solutions within a fun and therapeutic environment to achieve positive and meaningful goals"

How can Anjelee OT help my child?

What to expect from your experience with Anjelee OT

 A phone call can help capture the challenges and needs of your child and how best to address them.


Feel free to call me to have any question answered, and if it is easier to carve out a blocked amount of time to chat, I am always happy to meet for a coffee to ensure that all your questions can be answered whether it is about your child's needs, or the scope of my practise. 

From there it's a about working out how to cater therapy sessions for your needs. They may look like.......

Art of Play: Podcast onMy Wellness Wishlist

May 26, 2018

I had the pleasure of chatting to Paul Glezer from My Wellness Wishlist about the Art of Play: an informal conversation about developmental milestones from babies to childhood and how to easily incorporate these simple ideas in to a family's busy everyday life! 

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Meet Anjelee

It has been a huge privilege to work as an Occupational Therapist for almost a decade! I've worked in both Private Practice as well as Community Health.  


These experiences coupled with my participation in professional development courses has lead me to be passionate about holistic practice and community development.  Read more....

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